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About US

As a digital infrastructure service provider, we help businesses to manage their digital transformation efforts to increase productivity, improve efficiency, be more competitive, be more agile, and save costs. We understand that the process of moving from the traditional way of computing to the cloud can be onerous for companies with legacy infrastructure. That is why, our unique consultancy approach removes the complexity of managing and implementing your cloud solutions.

We employ an innovative single supplier model which accelerates turnaround times and prevents loss of data. Our aim is to ensure that business continuity is maintained, keeping data safe and enable sustained energy future.

Energy as a Service

We offer energy advice, asset installation, financing, sustainable energy infrastructure and management (energy storage and energy efficiency) solutions.

  • Technical and end-user support
  • End-to-end network quality monitoring
  • Proactive quality management and administration
  • We offer support while delivering on SLAs and uptime guarantees
  • Provide governance on usage by managing billing and capacity planning
  • Data Governance, we turn data into business-critical information in improving service delivery.

Energy Efficiency, Monitoring and Management

We provide Smart metering solutions reducing commercial, industrial, and agricultural bills and improving revenue collection for municipalities and sustainable energy cost savings for the industry.

We design, plan, deploy, monitor, and manage Energy as a Service

Sustainable refrigeration and cooling for commercial and retail businesses.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Plan, Design, Configure, Migrate, On-going management and monitoring services

  • Network assessment
  • Meeting room assessment
  • Migration planning